Phoenix Theater Production

Phoenix Theater Productions is a Sydney based theater company operating from the Zenith Theater, located at Chats wood. Each year, Phoenix presents three productions of vibrant and challenging plays, often a mix of classical and contemporary plays by Australian and international playwrights . More »


BY RAIL OR BUS - The closest train station is Chats wood. The bus interchange is downstairs from the train station. From there it is a 4 minute walk north along Railway Avenue to the theater. More »


The Zenith Theater has a licensed bar serving wine and beer. Coffee, tea and snacks are also available from the bar before the show and during interval. Soft drinks may be obtained from a vending machine located in the foyer. More »


This play follows The Woman with Dogs Eyes as part two of a trilogy about dynastic succession in a family at war. Each episode in the trilogy stands alone as a play on its own right. More »

Amateur Premiere

The Peach Season evokes the heat, scent and hard slog of a peach farm at harvest time. When a desperate brother and sister turn up looking for picking work, it triggers strong feelings, bad decisions and danger. More »


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Phoenix Theatre Productions

We’re a small theater group that likes to perform a diverse range of material, usually from the catalogue of Broadway Classics and Musicals, productions like‘West Side Story’ to ‘Guys and Dolls’ to‘Oklahoma’, and occasionally some more obscure pieces such as ‘You can’t take it with you’ & ‘Damn Yankees’; we will pull together a band of cheerful and energetic hopefuls and put our production together with passion and fun. Named Phoenix Theater Productions, because like the mythical Phoenix, we rise from the ashes of burnout, and spring up again all over the place, with new life and verve, ready for a new production. When all hope is gone, and all hope is lost, then another group of us get together and put together another production, just for a love of the art. You might say, “Wherever we lay our hat, that’s our home”. We are a not for profit group, and produce all of our own sets, costumes, and props ourselves, many times with the aid of handy volunteers, who like to be around theater but not on stage.

Speaking of volunteers and handy helpers, while there are many hands and huge efforts that have kept us going, we would like say a special thank you to the Chatswood Chamber of Commerce for providing our small theater space at very good rates, they’ve made it possible for us to keep this group going. We would like to thank those at 24 hour T-shirts the t-shirt printing gurus as they’ve been very generous in assisting us with the screen printing services and our own very clever group merchandise that we can sell to raise much-needed funds. Speaking of Fund Raising, to keep the doors open and the productions rolling Fund Raising is always on the agenda, and any donations would be appreciated for to cover production costs of costumes and sets, printing & props.

Our most recent location Chatswood in Sydney Australia is a cute little 30 patron theater that we’ll occupy for maybe 12 months or hopefully a little longer. Productions in the planning for the near future include, The Boys from Syracuse, Carousel, The King and I, and if you are not completely exhausted yet, we plan to bring to life that classic that launched Shirley MacLaine’s career, ‘The Pajama Game’. Set in a pajama factory, this classic is jam packed with colour dance and song. Certainly a wonderful way to lift one’s spirits.

Phoenix Theatre Productions

We get together Wednesday evenings from 5.30pm and Saturday afternoons from 3.30pm. All are welcome, and whether you do you have acting & singing experience or not you’re very welcome and if you take the plunge, we promise you’ll have a great time with us. It’s not how big the group gets. It’s not how much public acclaim the group gets, it’s the joy it brings to the characters that hold the whole thing together as a group. Our group may be small but it brings a lot of joy and a lot of positive energy to its members. Why not join in and have some fun!

If you have an interest in joining our group, please go to our contact us page to get in touch.